LayOut is Shifting When Printing / Exporting

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I have been having an issue when I go to print my LayOut documents or export to PDF. In the LayOut window everything is 100% perfect, centered, and in line where I want it to be. When I go to print the document or export to PDF the entire model shifts several millimeters to the left. This happens for ALL of my documents. Past, present and new. I have even tried a test of opening one of the LayOut templates and tried printing that and even that shifts to the left. Does anyone have a fix for this? I’m getting very frustrated. I have a Mac OS. Everything seems to work just fine on my Mac Desktop but for some reason it is only happening on my Macbook Pro. Both are 2017.

I am unable to reply to the message? I am also having difficulty being able to create a new topic thread to ask how to reply to posts… there is NO button what so ever that says reply, etc… do you have any advice?

Can you share the LO file that exhibits this behavior?

Since it happens on one machine and not the other, I would be inclined to look at the GPU. Which version of Mac OS are you running? Which version of SU 2017?

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Layout_HL_Ahitow Residence_Floor Plans.layout (546.1 KB)

I’m more convinced that this is an issue with that computer. Here’s the PDF I get from your LO file. Everything seems to stay in the right location.
Layout_HL_Ahitow Residence_Floor Plans.pdf (175.8 KB)

Again, what OS version and what version of SU2017 Pro?

I have the same problem, have you solved it yet?

yess,I solved it, it had to do with my printer! I’ve added another printer, pdf printer and then the pdf looked fine!

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