Layout export pdf issues

Good day : ) I’m on a Mac with 10.11.1 and sketchup pro 2016. I’m having a problem when exporting from Layout into pdf, the document seems to be moved about 1/4" up on the pdf version. My document has a solid color background and when exporting I’m getting a 1/4" white band at bottom of page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

It would sure be helpful to see the LO file. Otherwise it’s just guessing.

skull lamp bronze client drawing 11 25.layout (1.1 MB)

Skull Lamp Bronze client drawing 11 25 2015.pdf (99.6 KB)

Do you see the same thing in this PDF? When I open it, I don’t see any white at the bottom.skull lamp bronze client drawing 11 25.pdf (72.9 KB)

I do not see the white band in that pdf

OK. All I did was open the LO file and make the export. I wonder what is different between you doing it and me doing it. I think we need a member of the LO team to chime in here.

I’m using Preview to view my pdf’s, maybe that is the issue?

I’m not sure how that would affect it. I see the white strip on the bottom of your PDF, too, in Acrobat.

I just quit LO, opened file again and exported with different name and still the file seems to have been bumped up 1/4" showing the white band at bottom of document.

I don’t think it’s Preview…

I exported it and had a >1mm white stripe…

it’s seems as if my SU Model Units snaps may effect it?


I made the export on PC. Is it a Mac vs. PC thing? I’ll try it on my Mac as soon as I get home.

It does appear to be an issue with exporting on the Mac. I got the same white strip when I did it just now on my Mac.

Hi all-

When I export that .layout file to pdf on my mac (10.11.1), I don’t see any white band at the bottom of the page.

As a work-around, what happens if you print from LayOut, and then use the system print dialog to “Save as PDF”?


it still has the issue for me, how might our pref’s differ?

I’m still on Yosemite…

thanks for your help. have a good holiday : )

Hi John, thanks for the suggestion, I hadn’t thought of that but it didn’t work.

I did a test with a totally different file that happened to be in landscape, and the result was 1/4" band at the right side of the page.

I just upgraded to pro’16, may that have anything to do with it? I upgraded because I was having different issues with pro’15.

Thanks for your help : )

The above message was actually in reply to Marc who suggested that I do print > saves pdf work around.

I don’t see the problem on Yosemite but I see it on El Capitan. As a workaround, the following steps worked for me.

  1. File->Page Setup…
  2. Choose “Any Printer” from the “Format For:” menu, then choose “Manage Custom Sizes…” from the “Paper Size:” popup menu.
    3) Click the ‘+’ to define a new paper with Paper Size: 8.5 by 11 in, and set all margins to 0 for the User Defined Non-Printable Area. Click OK to save and dismiss the Page Setup dialog.
  3. File->Print…
  4. Click the “Show Details” button if the Print dialog is not showing the expended detail panel.
  5. Select “Paper Handling” from a drop down menu.
  6. Check the “Scale to fit paper size” checkbox. Now the “Destination Paper Size:” menu right below it is enabled.
    8) Select the custom paper that was defined in the above step 3.
  7. From the “PDF” popup menu at the bottom-left corner of the dialog, select “Save as PDF…”

Thanks Wei, that work around worked for me. I have a lot of these files to create, it would be ideal if I could find a fix for the problem when exporting to save steps/ time.

Thanks for reporting this to us. We will be working on a fix.