Exporting to PDF Using a Mac - Border Issue

Hey guys,

I’ve been advised by one of my students that when he tries to export to PDF using LayOut (Mac) that his border is offset and I’ve taken a look at his file and it is indeed. It’s actually moved quite a bit to the left hand side of the page. I have exported to PDF using Windows and there are no problems. When I export to JPEG using the Mac it’s fine. This is clearly a PDF issue on the Mac only?

Does anyone know of any workarounds to fix this? Has it been logged as a bug?

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2018.


Assignment A4 - To Submit.layout (2.7 MB)Mac PDF Border Issue.pdf (311.7 KB)

I use a Mac with SU Pro 2018 and as you can see from my output, this problem doesn’t occur for me.

Is it to do with page settings?

Assignment A4 - To Submit.pdf (134.8 KB)

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply, I’ve been messing around with all of the page setup options and can’t get the border centred! Can you take a screenshot of your settings?

It’s not doing it on A3 size, only A4. I’m so confused!

Does it print to paper OK? If so, on a Mac, you can always capture to pdf whatever can go to the printer via the print dialog box.


That’s not making any difference. When I go into Document Setup, this is what I see (attached).

In the Windows version it says 297 mm x 210 mm. When I change it to 210 mm it reverts back to 209.9 mm again.

Can you tell me what it displays in your Document Setup?

The only way I can get the border centred in a PDF is to select ‘reverse page orientation’. I’m still annoyed that it won’t work ‘normally’ for me, though.

The fact that I can import your drawing and print to PDF without problem suggests that it is not related to the SU file nor to the fact that it is a Mac. I would look at various settings including your printer settings.

TBH, I never look at the Paper settings as I always choose a standard paper size from my templates.

Here are my screenshots in case they tell you anything. They may not look like yours unless you are using the same printer.


Thanks for providing this information. I appreciate that you aren’t experiencing this issue but I am, it was brought to my attention from another Mac user who is having the same problem.

It’s worth pointing out that I don’t experience this issue when selecting A3 size paper from the template, only A4. And I don’t experience any of these issues using Windows. I’m not connected to a printer.


In saying that I don’t have the problem, I was merely trying to narrow down where your problem might lie. So, although you say you know of another Mac user with the same problem, it doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the hardware.

I presume you use the Print command to produce the PDF? If you do, it will assume a printer of some kind (even if only a generic type) and will use the relevant settings for the PDF output. That’s my understanding at any rate.

Have you tried installing a printer driver of any kind? Even if you don’t have a printer, it might then import standard settings that work better than the one your system is currently using for A4 sheets. You will have seen that both @RTCool and I are using quite similar Epson printers. Their settings work just fine.

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