PDF files imported, but

I imported 3 pdf files into a Layout sheet. Everything was fine. Today the Planning Office asked me to change something so I opened the pdf on my mac, made the change and saved it. Still a pdf. Now the image displayed in Layout (the one that’s top left) is suddenly really low resolution. Any ideas what’s happened here and how to fix please?
I’ve attached the pdf, and a pdf print of the Layout sheet1250 1-Hillside-Drive-Gravesend-Kent-DA12-1NY.pdf (1.2 MB)
433_1100_a1 site-min.pdf (355.1 KB)

Which pdf did you open and change (how did you change it in what app)? How is it in the LO file (a reference?)?
Could you break down the description of actions some more?

Can you attach the pdf you modified? What did you do to it?
If you imported it into SketchUp the result you got would be “as expected”. PDFs import into SketchUp as raster images, and by default, the maximum image resolution is 1024 x 1024 pixels. Depending on your graphics card, you can up that to 2048 x 2048 or even 4096 x 4096 if you enable the “Use maximum texture size” in the Preferences>OpenGL dialog.

FWIW I inserted the pdf into LO on my computer (Mac LO 2019) and it looks fine in LO.

Seems to me you modified it in Preview. Is the red outline the modification you made?

I also modified the pdf again (added markup) and updated the reference in LO. Still looks good resolution

the pdf is attached to my post. I “inserted” it into Layout.
I needed to revise the image so i opened the pdf using Preview on my mac, which allows some basic drawing changes, much like Acrobat does. I saved it and it is still marked as a pdf.
If a file is “inserted” and then the original is revised, you have to update it when you go back into Layout. I did this and now it’s very low res, whereas it wasn’t before.

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Have you tried a fresh insert? Just delete and insert a new one. Maybe that’d work.

fair enough. still not sure why the export from the layout file looks the way it does though- there are three plans on the page - top right and bottom right are decent resolution, but top left - the one i changed, is terrible and virtually unreadable. so my question still stands - anyone know why its such lousy resolution?!?!?

I thought you were speaking of the screen appearance. Either way it looked good here. IDK why it did that for you.

I noticed your note on slow zooming images in LO on another thread. Maybe your performance in LO has to do with the OS, because I’ve never had that problem. Can it be you’ve noticed changes since updating your OS?

Being a PC person I have no good guesses. We don’t have the PDF import support.

So you added the red outline. You might also have done that with LayOut drawing tools on top of the imported image.

I wonder if there was some change in your import settings. There is a small car inside the “good” images. How did that get there? The new import is also to a different scale than the others.

Thanks, and re comments - I like to keep the red outline in an ‘original’ file, akin to a model file, rather than in Layout. No change in import settings. The car was from a default scrapbook in Layout - cars move so they don’t need to be in a base file. This is all just the way my head works!)
The top left is a 1:1250 scale location plan. It needs to be a different scale to the 1:500 block plans - Planning office requirements.