When I export from layout to PDF, random blocks of color show up on different pages

I set up my plans in layout and everything looks and operates as normal. However, when I export layout to PDF, random blocks of color show up.
Active.Proposal.Layout_05.09.2024.pdf (10.2 MB)
My sketchup model and layout file is too large to post here, but i can share via google drive link. Thank you!

we’ll that will help, because looking at the pdf only, beyond saying that I also see coloured rectangles, I’m not sure anyone can really help

Here is a google drive link that contains the model and layour files in 2024 version. Thanks! Hope this link works.


ok, with the old render engine,
I did an export, no jpg compression, 88mb for the file, but no shapes.
did an export, jpg compression to mid, 18mb file, no shapes and ugly lines.

with the experimental new one, same result.

I did that on a mac mini M1 running sonoma and SU24, so I’ll assume that’s a PC issue ?

also, I opened your original pdf in illustrator to see if the shapes were vector or not and no, they are backed in the raster images. so it’s not an issue with some weird shape and bad transparency

tried a few things on page 6, but still, couldn’t reproduce the problem on this end. if you switch the visual on page 6 to hybrid, do they still appear ? what if you turn on the background (again on page 6) ?

I’m not sure, but i’ve gone thru many troubleshooting efforts, and ultimately i assumed it was a windows/ sketchup 2024 compatibility issue. I switched back to sketchup 2023 and no issues. thank you for youre time.

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I’m getting the same problem on my PC. Thanks for the thought of trying Layout 2023. It helped except for one small color block on page out of 18. I repeated the export several times with the same color block appearing in the same place. Stumped!

Share the LO file so we can see what you are working with.