Exporting Layout files to Vector with colored lines

I tried to export a layout file to a PDF. In sketchup I changed the line colors by material with tags. When I try to export a layout file to vector, some of it exports well but otherwise I get random black lines in my model. Does anyone know what’s going on?
COLORTEST.pdf (3.1 KB)
color test~.skp (21.1 KB)

You shared the backup file. Is it as up to date as your current working file?

Yes it is

OK. What I see is a known issue. Edges that overlap diferent faces sometimes to seem to get screwed up. Hopefully it will get fixed in LO2024. It is usually possible to work around this by using stacked viewports, though. I did that for the lower view here. This is a screenshot from the PDF.

Ahh, Ok, thanks for the quick response

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