Layout 2024 - vector render does not keep (lines) colors

testing the new Sketchup 2024 I try a client Layout 2024 drawing which does not respect correctly the “vector” pdf export.
Indeed, on that case I use a style with layers colors, the pdf generated is in black&white with Layout 2024 VS in color with Layout 2023.
Maybe resolved on the next update.

I am having the same issue. I use the lines color by material in my styles to represent joint lines for precast. I color the lines to be slightly different than the precast so you see the joints but they do not stand out. I set the Viewport to Hybrid so the lines are crisp. 2023 displays them correctly but 2024 shows them as black only.

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I’m having the same issue. Any fixes yet?

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hopefully in the first update, fingers crossed.
it usually takes about a month after release so… soonish ?

Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep my eyes out.


We too are having this Issue. With Viewports rendered as Hybrid and Vector the faces in LO show as color by Material but the Edges, Profiles, and Dashes do Not. Interestingly Section Cuts do show in color as per Section Cut Color Selected in Styles.