Sketchup 2024 exporting to PDF doesn't export colored lines

I am having an issue where whenever I export a pdf - all the lines are black.
I have set all my lines to be colored by material, but whenever I export it - the result is: all lines are black.
Line colors are working in sketchup and I can see them properly, just when i export it messes it up. If I export it to a .jpg or .png, it works properly - however, I need a pdf of it to work in illustrator.
I could really use all the help since I’m coming up on a deadline :slight_smile: I don’t know what else to try to have this to work.

I am using SketchUp Studio 2024; MacOS Sonoma 14.3.1

Ive had issues creating PDF files in 2024. I have submitted files to the SU team and they are working on it. If you still have 2023 you can open the layout file there and export your drawing to PDF. It will say if you save in 2023 some things could be lost so I just dont save before exiting 2023.

Save a copy of your file in 2024 format with a different name.

This shall keep the original 2024 file intact.

Open the copy in 2023.