Some shapes are missing color when exporting to LayOut


When I export my file to LayOut some shapes loose their color. I’ve experienced this several times but never been able to find a solution. I’ve attached both the SketchUp and LayOut file.
Once in a while it also happens that a shape gets a different color in LayOut than the one assigned to it in SketchUp.

Does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it?

Figur 3-20.skp (1.1 MB) Figur 3-20.layout (492.6 KB)

I see this when I open your LO file. There are some faces not being rendered in Vector rendering.

Rendering in Hybrid, though, does make those faces show. I edited the style for the scene to eliminate the background color and ground so background isn’t shown.

@trent might be interested in this.

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Hi @DaveR

Thanks for your suggestion with the Hybrid rendering! However I need my drawings to be rendered in Vector according to the graphic designer that I’m working with (the drawings are to be used in books).
In Hybrid Rendering the fill colors seem to “overflow” the lines a bit.

In Hybrid the lines are in vector.

What you see in LO is a lower quality rendering. This is done to help keep performance up. Try exporting an image of the page at the size required by the graphic designer and see if it is acceptable. This is what I get when I do that with the Hybrid rendered viewport.

I’ve tried exporting to pdf and the colors still exceed the lines. Unfortunately this won’t work with the graphic designer.

No ideas to why the colors won’t show in the vector rendering?

No. I don’t have any idea why it’s doing it right now. That is why I included Trent.

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I have had some success in the past by “re-aligning” the view in Sketchup.
In your case it is scene 3…open in sketchup…edit the ceiling joist…select the face…“align view”…save scene…save model. (re align view port in LO/or re position w/pan in SU)

In this case the “align view” has worked.
Figur 3-20_AlignView.layout (933.3 KB)



Thanks for that, Charlie. I’d forgotten about the Align View thing. That does work fine.

Perfect! Thanks!

@cr1 and @trent
I took a look at Figur 3-20.skp and noted that there is some type of corruption in the file.
I noted that some faces do not receive a Texture or Light correctly.

Within the OP file; I then made a new simple cube, grouped, made a solid group with all faces oriented correctly and made the texture “default”. I noted some differences in default face shades. I next added texture Chris_Skin (from OP file) to cube.

I then noted that of the six cube faces: (1) three faces were not the right texture shade (the other two on the backsides), (2) as you rotate the cube (with shadows off) the face shades also do not get lighter/darker based upon orientation.

My observations do not reveal the geometry error or corruption, but clearly as LayOut reads the file it encounters some problems too. Hope this might help someone track down the problem and add some insight to the issue.


Hi all, you can have issues when a viewport cuts off a portion of the SketchUp model. This is caused by our hidden line render code within SketchUp but shows up in LayOut. This can at times be fixed by adjusting the viewport edge. Then you can apply a clipping mask to get your desired viewport size.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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