Layout vector render bug?

When i change my layout window from “raster” to “vector”, the background of my layout window turns red. Also i am not using the SketchUp model background. (background check box in the style window in layout is unchecked). not sure what is happening and hoping someone else has an idea.

I took a few screen shots to show what is happening.

Can you share the LayOut file?

I will upload to file as soon as I am able to reconnect to my workplace network.

The layout file is too large to upload, do you know of a good work around to upload a layout file?

Can you use Google Drive or Dropbox, or some other file sharing site?

Hopefully it will let you download it. let me know if it doesnt work

I see the red background in (lower) Baseplates viewport on sheet 2. Poking around.

I see also that you have modified the scene in LO which is not a good thing to do. There’s no need to modify scenes in LO and I would suggest you reselect the scene.

It’s very strange since the background is transparent in Hybrid rendering. I don’t see anything in the model that would cause this either. I wonder if @trent could take a look and suggest something.

In the meantime, you could use Hybrid to keep you moving forward.

I will keep the no modifying in mind going forward. Also I came to the same conclusion of using hybrid to go forward until an answer is found. Thanks for looking around anyways.

Sorry I didn’t make much progress but when Trent comes along, he may have a good answer for you. It’s something I’ve never seen before.

FWIW, the key reason for not modifying scenes in LO is so that you maintain the dynamic link from the scene in the SketchUp model. If you make scene-specific changes in the model, they won’t appear in LO if the scene has been modified there. You can resize and adjust the edges of the viewport without modifying the scene anyway so it should be easy enough to avoid the modified label.

No worries, it wasn’t something I expect to be solved easily.

As far as the modified window, I usually don’t have an issue with breaking the dynamic link, but it will be better to start practicing that regardless.

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