Layout SketchUp view rendering incorrectly in Hybrid Style

Having an issue when changing a SketchUp view in Layout from Raster to Hybrid. When changing to a hybrid view style, the linework is blown-up and the background render stays in the same position.

Any thoughts?

Can you share the LO file?

Assuming the LO file is too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Thanks for taking a look, it only seems to happen for certain views.

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There is something rather odd about your file. I’m seeing the same thing in LO2020. I created a scene for that view in SU (or close to it) since it’s really better not to modify scenes in LO. That can cause you problems later. So I get this for raster:

This is Hybrid:

And this is Vector:

Perhaps @adam has a suggestion.

FWIW, it would be worth thinking about cleaning up your model once in awhile. I purged unused stuff from your SketchUp model and got rid of this:
Screenshot - 10_28_2020 , 2_05_52 PM
That reduced the LayOut file size by nearly 25%.

I see the same thing too. No clue. The house is a bit far from the SketchUp origin point but not so far as ought to cause problems. Pinging @adam

Most likely, the model ratio is way of (eg. The length is much larger than the depth.)
You see it a lot when different options are displayed by moving and copying along one axe in SketchUp

My error. I missed the distance from the origin. I’ve moved the model to the origin, updated the scene I had created, and then updated the LO file. Then it renders correctly.

I was too sure that a distance of less than 1400 feet shouldn’t matter. It apparently does.

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It’s the ratio rather than the size or distance. Origin included.
assuming the scenes have all been worked out and you don’t wan’t to move it closer to the origin, one could draw some extra shapes to fix the ‘ratio’ again:


This is a known issue in LayOut that will only occur if the SketchUp model is far from the origin. It can be resolved by moving your model closer to the origin.



I moved the model to the origin, and that solved it. Thank you all for your help and advice!

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Have you tested actual distances involved? The model discussed here, for instance, wasn’t far enough to induce noticeable OpenGL clipping so I am afraid LO is even more sensitive than SU. What @MikeWayzovski posted is also interesting if actually making the model extents larger can reduce the effect.

@MikeWayzovski post is indeed interesting. I had not previously seen that sort of workaround for this issue.


I tried duplicating your steps. No change in Hybrid rendering. Only moving the model to the origin worked.

I did nothing special, just drew some rectangles.

To my knowledge this has little to nothing to do with the model being far from the origin. My models are always close to the origin (within 20 meters) and I have this problem all the time. I have found it’s because the camera is somehow placed partly within some geometry. For instance when showing interiors, showing small rooms namely, it happens easily that the camera is partly within a wall. Then when moving the camera away from the wall, will usually fix this issue. Of course then it becomes much harder to get a wide field of view. Evidently this problem should have been fixed long ago. But every year we get new features but no solutions to existing problems. Which makes using these apps often a frustrating experience, certainly when on a deadline. If i use the free Blender program, it’s blazing fast and bugs are resolved within months with new features added, too. SU en LO feel like these were made in the late pleistocene and no programmer has looked at it since.

Can you continue to reply to your own topic on this? The far from origin issue is one of the cases that can lead to the symptoms, but it would only apply to Hybrid.

Post the smallest possible example LayOut file in the other topic.

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