Layout Hybrid and Raster looking off

Hi community,

Here’s a new one. This literally just started happening today. I have changed nothing with my software.
When importing a SU model into a LO document, I always set the display resolution to medium and the output resolution to high. I always set the viewport to Hybrid and everything generally works fine.

Today, when I import the SU model, it is very jaggedy and low res. It looks like a video game from 1989. It looks the same on hybrid or raster. Vector looks fine, but I lose the hatching texture I use in SU. Does anyone have any suggestions how to restore hybrid to its better quality? Like I said, I haven’t changed anything, and I don’t know what is causing this. I hope it’s an easy fix, of course.

I cannot upload the file for security reasons with my employer, but I do have a few generic screen shots to show what I am talking about. I’ve tried different files, and I tried LO 2021, but it does not matter.

thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 5.07.12 PM

If this was in SketchUp I would guess that the model is very far from the origin or that it has very large extents, but I am not sure how those models behave in LayOut. The artifacts look similar.

check this thread, also:
Layout SketchUp view rendering incorrectly in Hybrid Style

Thank you Anssi and Mike for your replies. I created a new SU file and put the model exactly at the origin and that did not make any difference. I checked the thread Mike suggested, and while I have had that rendering issue as well, my issue today is a little different. The camera is not intersecting with any geometry.

I looked into updating my graphics card driver, but mac OS handles that directly. I am using the latest version of SU and LO.

I am in the middle of a project, and my workaround is working in vector for now and change to hybrid just before export. But I really hope to find a solution, because in vector mode, I can’t see the textures.

SketchUp and LayOut 2021 have changed since late last year. If this problem only started appearing recently, the fix is to undo whatever change occurred on your computer since it worked correctly. Most like that’s going to be rolling back to before the last Mac OS update. Or hoping they push a new graphics driver that fixes it in the next update.

Hi Dave, I didn’t change anything on my computer. LO worked fine on Tuesday. The problem started on Wednesday. No updates.

Do the jaggies also show in your PDF exports (set to High quality) or is it just a display problem?

The jaggies are just a display problem. (thankfully!) The pdf exports are perfect.