Hybrid and Vector View Problem In LO

This is a problem I’ve had intermittently through at least 4 versions of SU/LO and 3 Mac computers.

When I import a scene into LO, the Raster view will be fine, but the Vector and Hybrid views will either:

  • Show all lines behind the view as if in some type of weird wireframe or
  • “Explode” the view, with the lines and textures misaligned or at radically different scales.

The computers have had various graphics cards, Nvidia, ATI, Radeon etc.

I’ve tried toggling Hardware Acceleration, when it existed, on and off. Same with Fast Feedback.

It can happen with a single view from a model in which all other views render correctly, or with all scenes from a model.

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated

I don’t recognize this as a known issue - any chance you could take a screen shot so we can see the problem? I’d love to figure out what’s going on.


HI Marc,

It would be great if you could help.

I’ve attached a PDF generated from the problematic LO file. You can see the problem only occurs in the 3D view.

Should I also send the SU and LO files?



Shower Hook.pdf (301 KB)

Could you upload the LO file?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for taking a look at this. It’s been an infrequent but ongoing problem for me forever!


Shower Hook.layout (1.7 MB)

I’m out of the office for the next few days but I’ll see if I can get someone else on the team to take a look. Otherwise it’ll be next week.


I’ve figured it out. Your little tiny part is almost 40 feet from the origin. What’s it doing in the neighbor’s house? Move it to the origin and everything looks just fine.

Thanks Dave, Mark and Marc… we do have this issue captured internally and I update the issue with this additional model.


Ah, interesting. Thanks, Dave, for figuring that out.

I still have a problem though, Trent and Marc. Believe it or not, this hook is actually a tiny part of a very big apartment! The origin is at one corner of the plan. I pasted this piece into place in a new file to develop it and then easily drop it back in place in the master model.

Out of curiosity, I inserted a similar view of the piece in the master model into the LO file, and rendered it again in Raster, Vector and Hybrid. You can see the results in the attached PDF. The LO file is now too large to upload, but I’ve attached a link to it: Can LO simply not handle close up views of large models?

Shower Hook 2.pdf (960.2 KB)

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