Very blocky/low-res images in LayOut

A few years of experience modeling with SU, but new to Layout… thanks for your patience!

In Layout, the image of my SU model is so blocky, so low-res, that I can’t see it to modify it. I followed Knowledge Center’s instructions and went to Document Setup, Paper, and changed Edit and [other] resolution settings to High. Nothing changed in the Layout image. Maybe I am misunderstanding something basic here, but the image is so poor that I can’t even tell exactly what I’m clicking on when I try to dimension an object. Am I missing something? I have plenty of processing power, so I don’t mind making a bigger/slower file…

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Select the model view in Layout.

In the tray, on the “SketchUp Model” panel. You’ll likely see that “Raster” is set for the render mode.

To change it, uncheck “Auto”, then click the mode drop down button, and choose “Hybrid”.
(You’ll likely get a warning popup, click OK to dismiss it.)

Then click the “Render” button. (The warning sign should disappear from the bottom-right corner of your model view frame.)

You can also choose another Style from your model file, on the “Styles” tab of the same panel. (But there needs to be more styles loaded into the model for you to choose from.)

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I have the same issue as Van_Lewis above - neither of these solutions solves the issue. I have applied both…So it’s still an issue in 2020.

Could one of you add a screenshot to show what the quality looks like?

Same problem. Output resolution is set to high and this is what I get… what is going on? This was never the case in Layout 2019. I am having so many issues with Layout 2020 where even imported sketchup scenes come in at low resolution no matter if it’s vector, hybrid, or raster. Never had issues in 2019 or prior.

Can you share your LO file so we can see what you’ve got?

Sure. Just a note - since scenes work differently in 2020 than in 2019, I exported high res images from sketchup and imported them into Layout to mark them up. On the screen they are the resolution as exported and the file is individually the correct resolution, so I am working with the resolution and export resolution set to high and this happens. THERE IS NO LINKED sketchup file to this anymore because the scenes were not working the way they did in 2019 and I don’t have time currently to learn the new way. I have already spoken to support that why in Layout 2020 when you change your windows scale, suddenly you can no longer switch your scenes - so out of that frustration, I just imported the images direct into LO.

Actually DaveR - my file is too large to upload. Do you have another way I can send it to you?

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

I guess since you are using Raster images instead of viewports from SketchUp, there’s little point in looking at your LO file. You just aren’t going to get the same quality in your exports as you would if you use the SketchUp file in LayOut, especially if you render the viewports in Hybrid or Vector.

I’m not sure where you got this because it’s not correct.

I think that you mean that changing the Ortho scale of the viewport stops the scenes from being able to change, and that is a difference with 2019. The solution to that is to reset the viewport, select your scene, and then change the scale.

If this ends up being image exports from SketchUp not looking ideal in LayOut, either keep the viewport approach and make sure to select your scene first, or change your image export size in SketchUp to be a lot bigger. Also, inserted images will be affected by the Document Setup, Paper, Display resolution setting.