Layout not updating style

Can anyone see what daftness I have suffered here?

I changed the style in SU for a perspective drawing. I saved the SU file. I went into LO and updated the window. I haven’t modified it in LO. Yet the style has not updated in LO. Here is what it looks like in LO and in SU.

The Sketchup Model dialog box correctly identified the style used in SU but doesn’t choose to show it.

I see now. I had Hybrid rendering on and should have had raster. Doh!

That’s a nice sketchy style.

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I think it’s a default one.

Are you saving the view in a scene? If not, do so, select the scene in LO and you’ll never have to fuss with things like this again.

Yes. The problem was not at the SU end but at the LO end. I normally use Hybrid rendering to get the best output for 2D drawings. But you have to remember to change that to Raster if you have something like sketchy edges enabled.

I don’t use hybrid at all. I only use raster and vector together. Hybrid, like vector takes a long time on a full 3D model. When rendering the full model I use raster, then isolate things like walls, doors and windows to vector render. This setup is very fast.

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