Edits to model style in SU not translating to LO

Am still travelling slowly through LO essentials videos (Creating and Applying Model styles), and have this question. I have followed instructions to hop back into SU to attach a custom style (Hidden Lines) to my model, have added the new custom style, have saved file, hopped back again into LO, updated model and the hidden line style is there, but it has not adopted the profile edit which means i cannot see the chairs’ curves. I seem to be making very heavy weather of this learning. Sorry to be leaning so hard on you kind helpful people. Here are 2 screenshots of what I am seeing when i follow the process.

Thank you.

You’re in raster mode.

Try vector or hybrid.

As Paul said you must have the viewports with vector or hybrid rendering style, raster is an image with no transparency. To do change that go to the sketchup model tray, under “line scale” there’s a box that says Auto and right next to it it says Raster, click on the arrow and choose vector.

As to the profile lines not showing, you have overridden the style settings of your LayOut viewport so the style changes you do in your model scene no longer apply. After updating the model in LayOut try pressing the Reset button in the style section of the SketchUp model tray.

Thank you everyone - super helpful. A couple follow-on queries:
@Anssi I did try the rest button (in LO) when i first noticed that nothing was changing after going through the process. The thing I did notice is that the little icons that show you the styles you can chose from (in SU) suddenly developed a tiny green clock-like thing underneath. Did I make that happen? Do you want screen shot or do you know what I’m talking about? In SU I can only see an option for ‘refresh’ rather than ‘reset’, is that the option I’m after?
@paul.mcalenan, I did not see anything about having to used Hybrid or vector mode in the video. In an earlier one it explains that Hybrid and Vector both use more data and will slow everything down, but not that you will have to use them for Hidden line model style. Interesting. So am i now committed to Vector/Hybrid or lose part of my drawing?

If you’re working with a big file it’s better to change to vector or hybrid the viewport you are working with, then turn it to raster, but if your file is small there’s not much problem having the viewports in vector mode, it also depends on the machine you have, according to the specs of your machine it’s better to move from raster to vector as you work.

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