Lines not carrying over to Layout



Hi all,

I recently began moving a model to layout but I’ve found several instances of lines that don’t show up after import. I’ve verified that the lines are all visible and on the correct layers in SU. These missing lines do become visible in Raster or Hybrid mode, but since it is line work, I need to use Vector. For a quick example, notice the lines in the two sofas of my 1 - FP scene.

I’ve seen a couple of other similar posts, which have been solved when the user realizes that “something is off within the model,” but never mentions what the problem is.

I’ll attach the model and layout… Hoping someone wiser than I can figure this one out.



SU Community File 1.skp (245.9 KB)


You’re missing a couple of important steps in SketchUp. First, set the Camera to Parallel Projection and for good measure, Select the Top standard view. Since you have to textures to display, set the face style to Hidden Line. Then create a scene for the view. Save the changes and send to LayOut. Then try changing the rendering type to Vector. When I do that here, at least, everything looks just fine.


Thanks for the quick reply! I had to copy only part of my model into a new file (size limitations) to attach here and that’s when the camera angle changed. However, in my original file, I just switched to Hidden Line and it solved the problem.

You saved me lots of headache, thanks!