Line not showing up in Layout paper space but shows up when I enter model space in Layout

I have a model loaded into Layout with multiple pages. I loaded a new scene into the view port and it is not showing one of the lines. When I double click and enter into model space the line will appear, but as soon as I exit the model space it disappears. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I could just draw the line in layout as a quick fix, but I would like to understand why it is doing this. Attached is a screenshot of the layout in paper space. Model space picture is in comments.

Here is the model space picture.

Could you upload the LayOut file so we can have a look?

It is on the page 5 layout.BINS.layout (1.3 MB)

That’s an odd one. I wonder if @trent my have a look.

I noticed a few other things with your LO file, One is all the viewports show as modified. You’ll want to avoid making them modified. And if you want white background and white faces, edit the style associated with the scene in SU. Don’t make the style change in LO.

Thanks for taking a look. I find it’s easier for me to model with shaded sides in SU but it looks cleaner to print with hidden line style in LO.

Should I just make the model then change style to hidden line and send it to LO?

What does it harm by changing style in LO?

I’m a bit new to this and would greatly appreciate any and all help.

Yes. It would be better to update the style before you send to LO.

While you can modifiy the viewports in LO, it defeats one of the main benefits of using LayOut with your SketchUp files. If you make scene-specific changes to your SKP file, the viewports will get updated to reflect those changes. But only IF the viewports are linked to the scenes in the SKP file. When you do anything that modifies the viewport, it breaks the link to the original scene. Changes you make later won’t show in the viewports.

So set the final style and camera positions for the scenes in SU and don’t modify the vieprts in SketchJp.

Thanks for all the help.

I see this in your file too. The missing line appears if I set the viewport’s rendering method to Raster but it disappears with Vector and Hybrid. I too have encountered similar “viewports from hell” behaviour in my LO files. I am quite certain that it is a bug, but I haven’t found out what is to be done to reproduce it.


Well I feel like a putz. My corner line was not lined up correctly so it was hidden underneath both sheets. But thanks to everyone for the help.

I didn’t catch that. It’s good you found it.

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