Random lines showing up in layout that are not there in the model

Good morning,

Since updating SU Pro 2019 with the latest version, we are having a problem with random lines showing up in layout that are not in the model. The lines show up when I print layout, you cannot see them in layout when you are working on it.

Below is a screen shot of layout.

Below is the random line that shows up when I print.

I’ll see if I can upload the layout file.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Here we go.

Well it looks like something is messed up but it’s not obvious where when you look at the SU file.


Me too!

Random models it seems - no apparent pattern.

Sometimes if I delete the viewport and re-import it gets rid of the random line.

I’ve been covering them up with lines and shapes…

This oddity has been reported before. I think it’s something the team has been working on. I could see it in the LO file when I opened it but I just selected the viewport and clicked on Vector again and the weird lines disappeared.

Out of curiosity I opened the SKP file and purged unused stuff. This went away.

That’s what we’ve been doing, masking them in layout but its too bad you have to print first to find these little buggers.

Just opened up a current problem project.

One of the LO viewports was actually showing a random line in LO.

I purged the SU model and the random line went away in the LO viewport.

But I’m still getting a random line that is not visible in the LO viewport and is showing in the exported PDF.

Yes, whether I directly print from LO or export, that’s when the lines appear. You just can’t see it in LO. Very strange.

Hmmm, I try printing that page again after I do what you did.

@DaveR I reopened that LO file and I actually saw the line in LO, then I purged everything like you did, and it no longer shows in LO but it is still there when I print that page.


There was someone recently another thread about this issue.

Maybe @trent or @colin could give an update on how it’s going with this particular issue.


& Another Here

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check your 3D of the door. I think theres have a problem with edges of middle of the door.
there is a line of the middle of the door that moves to the left.
(let you check with zoom).
I hope the information is useful

Layout have serious problems in Vector mode. I’ve been posting a few thread about a few problem I got. In my case, the problem is more faces than lines. Instead of the cross line that you have in that windows, I have a full black face, like a solid hatch.

I’m struggling if it’s a Layout problem or my GPU.

I’m struggling if it’s a Layout problem
Check This Thread, may hold a clue.

hum! its a good feeling to see that the SU knows about the issue and try to solve it. Thx SU team.

Here the link for a similar problem I had back in 2018.

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I am having this same problem too, however I have found that if a go to the
SU model find the offending group or component and cut it and paste in place the phantom line,
(usually diagonal) disappears on updating the model. This is not a solution but seems to suggest to me that the problem is originating in the SU model. Perhaps something for the SU team to look into?

Velina, the cut and paste idea removed the diagonal line on your model, perhaps you could try it and see if it works for you!

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Oh, bother the line still appeared on the pdf, this one nearly had me beat. I finally exploded
the vertical and two lowest horizontal glazing bars and merged them into one group before the
diagonal line disappeared. Is it something to do with the junction of two components in SU?
This is beyond me, will have to leave it to the SU team