Random lines showing up in layout that are not there in the model

I just tried this on a LO file and had some success.
In my case the SU model has multiple sub component’s and the random line was emanating from a corner where two components meet.
From LO…I opened the SU model…went to sub component and cut the component…exited main component…saved SU model…updated LO file…went back to SU model…opened main component and pasted sub component in place…exit…save SU file…Update LO file…reconnect dimensions to model. (some had to be done manually)…perhaps this is related to persistent ID’s losing “connection” to SU model??


This problem is definitely a thinker. Someone else posted that if they change the viewport to raster, the lines go away when printing and exporting to PDF. And that seems to work for me now. It just stinks for presentation to a customer though when all the rest of the viewports are in hybrid or vector, and one is in raster. Luckily we have understanding customers…lol. It also stinks because now we have to export to PDF, then check out the whole set to see where the lines are showing up and go back into LO and change those viewports to raster and then either print and export again.

Yes, this is becoming increasingly frustrating, you think you have fixed the drawing and another
diagonal line appears, which looks like a whole part of the drawing has been crossed out. (i:e
NOT INCLUDED IN THE CONTRACT). This could have nasty consequences if it carries on -
I certainly hope the SU team is on to this big time. It could become more than just a time waster!

Dear SketchUp team, @arch_outline, is absolutely correct about the potential ramifications of the diagonal artifact line, relative to, NIC (not in contract) drawing convention of certain diagonal lines.

Is it possible to issue a 19.3 version release w a rollback to 19.1 of the offending block of code while you work out the bug fix? I believe such an effort would help us immeasurably.

Or is there a way for those of us on 19.2 to go back to 19.1?

Best Regards.

You need to remove the newer version, first. Download link:

I use Sketchup and Layout everyday this has become a major deal for me, I have been saving to 2018 version and exporting to PDF to solve, Lots of extra work, I will look into turning back the version. A fix would be the best thing that could happen.


Just a note for any SU team members that are working on this issue. I just printed out page 3 of this LO file, on one of our color printers and also (by mistake) on our black and white only printer. The diagonal line did not print out from the black and white printer. Comb 1st Floor Apartment.layout (9.9 MB)

Cleaning my model with these settings worked.


Thank you for posting. I will give a try on my problematic SU file when I get into the office tomorrow.

Sorry to have been miss-leading I had some limited success using “Cleaner” but none with other files.

Wanted to give this a nudge. I have been having it happen to me in Layout in Hybird rendering mode. I found that going back into SketchUp and ungrouping too many groups of a model and saving and going back into Layout fixed it for me. Also toggling render modes in Layout fixes it temporarily but not a permanent fix. Hope this helps.

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Yes, the problem seems to originate in SU I had the problem again yesterday, in this case there was a single line between a group and a component, when I made the single line a group the stray line
disappeared, may be a clue in this for the SU Team , I sure hope they are working hard to resolve this issue.

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Continuing the discussion from Random lines showing up in layout that are not there in the model:
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I’m still having issues with this problem, It has seemed to be a Sketchup problem to me but my workaround has been to work in 2019 both Sketchup and Layout but when its time to make PDF’s I save my Layout back to 2018 Layout and all the PDF’s will not have any addition diagonal lines.


@jflaggj Oh, I didn’t think of doing that. Those pesky lines are so annoying! Thanks for your workaround.

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Let us know if this works for you also, Thanks

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Is there any interest/need for any case files exhibiting the random line anomalies’? (Trimble Sketchup Peeps)
I have a VERY simple file I was working on this morning and I was determined to find the culprit source.
By hiding just 2 lines in SU I was able to “defeat” the lightning streak across my exported .pdf.(Hybrid mode)

So if any interest I can share.



I don’t know why, but I was under the assumption that this was already being looked into by the SketchUp team. If not, I think there should be a ticket/case file made for this.

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I’m having a similar phantom line appear at an angle inside rectangular geometry. I tried purging the SKP model, but it take away the line in print view in layout.


Still happening with seemingly random files for me.

It’s not enough for it to be a serious problem for my work as long as I check my PDFs for errors, which I do anyway.

It’s too tedious and time consuming to troubleshoot. I just mask the problem with vector linework + fill if I can’t easily sort it (boring).

This happened on my old PC system and it happens on my new PC system.

Here’s a line from the 2020 release note:

LayOut Release Notes

(Win) Fixed an issue where strange lines could appear on a PDF export.

That’s promising!

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