Lines disappear in LO

I’m having difficulty getting all of the lines in a SU model to show up in LO.

Here is how it looks in SU:

Here is how it looks in LO:

Orbiting in LO can change which lines do or don’t show, but getting them to all show up at the same time doesn’t seem possible.

It doesn’t seem to be a display error as it prints exactly as LO shows.

Try zooming out in Sketchup. If that does not work please post the model so we can check it out.
You can change the size of the viewport by clicking and dragging the edges and also move the viewport over the object.

Sketchup Production Test.skp (2.3 MB)

Sketchup Test post.layout (1.3 MB)

I cleaned up the model a little and softened some edges. I also changed the style to one with Profiles set to 1. This is what I see.



By the way, it’s too bad you aren’t using components for things like the drawer fronts and doors. That would make your modeling more efficient. Also, you should stay on top of the back face orientation. Keep only front faces out. And don’t set the back face color to white. That’s not a fix for anything. (The green is my default back face color.)

In LayOut you should be choosing the scenes you set up in SketchUp for the viewports. Don’t use the same scene and change the view in LO.

Make sure you are using Layers/Tags correctly. Lots of edges and faces with the wrong layer/tag…
Screenshot - 10_8_2020 , 11_57_05 AM

…and purging unused once in awhile is a good idea.
Screenshot - 10_8_2020 , 11_57_29 AM

Sketchup Test revised.layout (3.0 MB)

Thanks for taking the time to help Dave. Clearly, I’m a nublet. Sorry! There is quite a bit to take in here. Many of the concepts you are talking about are somewhat foreign to me and I certainly don’t have a high level of comfort in almost any of it. For what it’s worth, I come from a background of mostly 2D CAD. MacDraft and AutoCAD LT mainly, although I have used AutoCAD for modeling a little in 3D.

I’m trying to see if Sketchup is the best product to be used for our process.

There is a lot to take in for sure. Spend some time going through the instructional stuff at before you try to make any decisions. If you just go at it blindly without learning the right way to use the tools, you’ll come to the conclusion that it isn’t for you. It’s much like any tools in the shop. When they are used the way they are meant to be used they will do their job well. When they aren’t used properly you’ll just find yourself fighting it and making yourself angry.

And, if I may add to the reply by @DaveR, once you get to grips with the basic principles, I believe that you will find it far more intuitive and user friendly than AutoCAD.


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