Mystery line in Layout

June 2023 Model.layout (11.0 MB)
There is a line in this Layout document that I am unable to remove. It is not in the SU model. I’ve gchecked for hidden geometry, section cuts, section planes, etc. No such line in the model. In layout, when I double click on the image for SU tools, the line disappears.
Anyideas how to get rid of this line?
The SU model is too large a file to upload, and I’ve forgotten how to make it available.

Just discoivered the line shows up in hybrid but not raster. Guess I’ll go with raster!

The line is from a different part of your model, shown selected here.
Screenshot - 6_1_2023 , 1_32_21 PM

Note there is a lot of geometry that has been assigned a layer. All edges and faces should be left with Layer 0 (now Untagged) assigned to them.
Screenshot - 6_1_2023 , 1_34_52 PM

It wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your model. That will reduce the file size.
Screenshot - 6_1_2023 , 1_35_13 PM
There does seem to be quite a mess with some geometry having been rotated while so hasn’t.

It’s balled up some loose edges in the model among other things.

In LayOut I see you’re using the Last saved SketchUp view instead of the Bsmt scene for the viewport and you’ve modified the Camera properties. This is bound to create problems for you as you proceed.
Screenshot - 6_1_2023 , 1_42_14 PM

Dave R,
Thank you!
That particular version of this model IS a mess.
I rotated part of it for alignment in Layout, and am using other versions for other views.
I have a lot to learn still!