SketchUp Pro 2015 Guide lines not showing in Layout..?

To all,

I thought SketchUP guides lines showed up in layout when importing a view…?
However they do not in my current Layout model…?
Have I missed a setting somewhere or am I wrong…?

My reasoning is that I wanted to position some datum lines at known distances from each other drawn over the model in Layout. However I can’t figure out how to do this as the read out is in percentage not an actual distance that is in sync with the layout scale model…!!!

Any solutions to this will be most appreciated.

Over & out,

Hey Clayton,

Two things to check here.

  1. Are the scenes you’re referencing in LayOut displaying guides? If you switch to one of your scenes in LayOut and don’t see your guides, it’s possible that your guides are either on a Layer whose visibility is turned off in that scene, or that all guide visibility (View > Guides) is off entirely in that scene.

  2. The other issue could be your rendering mode in LayOut (Window > SketchUp Model). Guides will display in Raster or Hybrid mode, but not in Vector render mode.

Please let us know if either of these was the problem!


Thanks Mark,

Guides are back, I forgot to update the scene tab I had them turned on. I just saved the SU file instead, not both before going back to Layout…duh…!!! :blush:

However rather than using guides for positioning lines as overlay items at known distances. I’d rather just move lines or copy lines in sync with the scale being used I set in Layout. As it would save time going back & forth to SU & Layout turning on & off the guides & updating the tab scene & re-saving SU & Layout.

The only way I can currently think of is a long winded math approach, example below:-
Model at 1:50
Distance to move 2765mm
Find the reciprocal of 50 = 0.02
0.02x2675mm = 53.5mm

Unless I’m missing something, does anyone know of another way to do this or is this just a “Layout” thing & something for the wish-list…?

Over & out,

Hey Clayton,

I’d recommend starting a new thread and attaching an image of what you are
trying to do!