Can't set guide lines


New here, but been a casual user of SU for a while.
For some reasons when I use the protractor or the tape measure I can’t set the guide lines. Any ideas?
Cheers, N


Do you know how it actually works ?


Yes I do, they don’t remain on screen once I take my finger off the mouse, which prevents me from began able to use them as a reference.


Neither method works, nor does manually entering a distance/angle.


Do you see the little “+” near the protractor when you do this? Hit control if you don’t. But by default it should be there.


Nope. I can measure the lengths/angles as per normal, just the guidelines disappear once I try to set them.


I am not sure, but it might be the case of guidelines being set off or hidden somehow.
I am attaching a model with a few guidelines, do you see them ?
test model.skp (34.4 KB)


All there. I’m using a few layers, but that shouldn’t prevent me from being able to use the guide lines.


Try to draw guidelines in my model. If it works it must be the settings of your default style.
Go to your default style click Edit and go to the last blueish icon in the right and check the guides.
Don’t forget to save the template if it is the case.

That too!


Solved. Thanks heaps to both of you.


For future reference, you can turn Guides on and off in the View menu on the top toolbar.