Guide Lines Won't

Hi All,

David here. I’m a retired CE, new to SU. Nice place you got here…

I was having fun learning SU until the tape measure quit giving me guidelines. They appear when I pull the tape, but just won’t stick. Tried option, alt, control, shift, etc, knowledge base and another user manual. All to no avail.

In my other practice drawing they are still working fine. Any suggestions?

(Mac OsX 10.13.3, retina display)

Check in View/Guides that they are ticked.


Please make a detailed introduction reply to this thread:

Also, your profile says you’re using SketchUp Make, 2018 version:

Unfortunately, there is no 2018 version of Make! So please correct your info. Knowing the stuff that appears on your “card” often helps us to narrow down the source of any problems you might be having.

And don’t let me forget to say: Welcome to our forum!

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