Guide Lines

I’ve just invested in Pro 2019 after a long time using the free software.
I am creating a model at the moment, but can’t produce guide lines with the tape measure tool.
Never had this problem until now, I’ve tried everything, so, anyone got any solutions??

Have you got guides turned on in the view menu?

Yes, all turned on.
i’ve tried various templates but no joy.

Have you tried to toggle with Ctrl?

Do you see a little dashed line and + below the tape measure cursor? If not, @Cotty has nailed it.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the tips, it’s a little bizarre, as everything was as it should be, but no lines.
In the end I gave up and went and did something else.
When I re booted Sketchup, the previews of the files I had been working on were covered in guide lines.
literally every line I had attempted to make was now showing and having opened a model it’s all working fine now, don’t what that was all about.
Thanks for the feedback.