After update 2016 sketchup tape measure guides lines not straight



after updating to sketchup 2016 pro tape measure guide lines not working good
when i try to set a guideline it jumps to other directies and when i orbi the guides
fly around pffff
please help !!


Is your OS up-to-date? Driver updates come from Apple.

You list an integrated graphic chip. Do you also have a dedicated graphic card?


Found the problem, i was drawing in perspectif mode, now in parallel projection
thanks :wink:


Still sounds odd. I only work in perspective mode and guidelines work fine.


Yes its odd, not working in perspectief mode, when i orbit all guidelines move all directions,
look at the pdf
not ok .pdf (190 KB)


are you working far from the SU origin?


How far have you zoomed in? Working on detailed geometry or small object and with guides can result in guides that seem to jump around.



like you see on the pdf its a bedroom
1meter away ! , when i work in parallel projection no problem,
perspectif and 2point perspectif problems

thanks for the reply
Untitled.pdf (217 KB)


Can you share the file?


Hello, i made a copy of the drawing and inported into a new page and it works normal. Thanks for the support :wink:

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Did you import anything into SU to start? Sometimes files like DWGs contain some hidden c-r-a-p, causing the model to jump around funny. What you did, copy the model and put it into a new file, is a good way to remove the bad stuff.