Guide Lines moving with camera view?

Not sure why this started happening all of a sudden. When I make guide lines with the tape measure or other tool, the lines move out of place from the model when I move the camera. The X for intersection still goes to the right point, but the guide line will be off to the side from it or other weird orientation that makes everything confusing.

Could you show us an example?

It sounds kind of like a graphics issue. Have you updated the Radeon drivers recently? Try turning off Hardware Acceleration in Preferences>OpenGL.

Tried shutting off acceleration no difference.

My drivers are up to date.

It started all of a sudden. Would windows update recently have affected anything?

In the pictures I drew a line center at 1/2" on a 1" wide object. I go to place a circle on the intersection and it doesn’t line up with the guide lines but the intersection point itself is correct.

I doubt a windows update would have done that but the Radeon drivers might have been updated.

Actually, do you know if the Radeon card is set up to SketchUp when acceleration is enabled? You might check tha card’s settings.

Maybe also turn on Hidden Geometry to make sure the cursor isn’t snapping to some other intersection that is coincidentally near the intersection of the guidelines.

I’m not sure how to check the card to set up for sketchup but this was a sudden problem its worked fine for years.

Hidden geometry didn’t fix it.

When I draw a tape measure line, and I pan the camera, it looks like the line is shaking or vibrating it moves around so much.

That’s surely a graphics issue and most likely, since it just started showing up, due to a graphics driver update. You might try rolling back to a previous version. Check the Radeon site for instructions for doing that.

Ok so even more confusing.

I open an old model, still a sketchup pro 2016 made file, and it works fine.

Its only on my new drawing from a clean slate I have an issue.

That is weird indeed. Can you share that file? I wonder if I can see it. Maybe it’s somehow corrupted.

Or is the model at a great distance from the origin? Sometimes that can cause odd behaviors.

Cart 2.skp (168.1 KB)

I actually copied and pasted the drawing into my other drawing file, and saved it as its own. Now it works fine on the same model I drew.

Now if I open a new canvas again, it seems to work fine.

Maybe like you said the file somehow became corrupted. Strange…

No. It was my other guess. You’ve got the model located a long way from the origin. You really need to keep it close to the origin to avoid problems.

Try doing what you were doing before on this copy of the model. All I did is move it to the origin.
Cart 2.skp (157.2 KB)

Ahhh I didn’t even know that mattered.

So whats the fix? Start my model at the center of the axis lines?

I moved your model to the origin by grabbing the corner and starting to move it. Then I typed [0,0,0] and hit Enter (Square brackets indicate absolute coordinates.)

You should always start your model at the origin and generally work up from there. If you want the standard views to be useful, orient the front of the model parallel to the red axis and work back in the solid green direction.

For what it’s worth, there was a Skill Builder done a little while ago about this issue and how to fix it.

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