How do you make guidelines in Layout?

I know you use the tape measure in SketchUp, but how do you make guidelines in LayOut?

There isn’t an equivalent tool in LayOut. You can draw lines using the Line tool, though, Maybe put them on a layer you can turn on and off as needed.

Sadly that’s what I’ve been doing. Just hoping I was missing something. Thanks

What do need the guidelines for? Maybe with a simple change to your workflow they wouldn’t be needed.

While it’s not the same as SU guides, if you apply dashes to the lines and make them thin they will feel more like those in SU and be less clunky, and as DaveR says, keeping them on a sep layer to turn them on and off would work similar to the view/guides on-off in SU.

I’ve used them in other CAD programs the same way we used construction
lines in paper and pencil… Used the same way they are in SketchUp Pro.

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I understand it for a CAD program but LayOut isn’t one.

In addition to drawing lines with the line tool, and making them dashed if that’s useful, you can enable grid snapping and/or display a grid. You could also use inferencing and the precision point for helping to get things placed where you want them.

For LineSight Plans in Theatre or Arena Seating!!! I would be please if LO would have construction lines. Using the line tool works but it’s really not a good alternative.