How do I create guides in Layout to snap to?


Is there a way to create guides in Layout much like sketchup where you use the tape measure tool? I often draw a line and snap everything to that…

I apologize if this question / solution has been dealt with, please direct me to a link for the solution.

Thanks in advance


There is no tool in LayOut like SketchUp’s Tape Measure Tool.

There are alignment tools under the Arrange menu and you can adjust the location of the Precision point so that point can be snapped into position. You can also use the cursor keys to move entities specific distances.

Bummer…thanks for the work around Dave…:slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call those options work arounds. LayOut is different from SketchUp in a lot of ways.

True…but every little bit of info helps.

Thanks again.

I will often create a layer called “guide lines”. It just has lines on it that i have drawn to use for alignment. Toggle this layer to be visible when needed and use Object Snap or Grid Snap to line stuff up. Then toggle invisible. This is probably a bit crude, but it seems to work until I figure out something better.

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Thanks for the tip Gary.