How to draw screw guidelines?

I was not sure where to post it - in Sketchup or LayOut, hopefully I post it right.

I would like to draw dashed screw or component guidelines for exploded views, such as in attached pictures.

I tried to do it in LayOut by just drawing line on viewport, but it won’t snap to the center of screw hole. Also sometimes depending on 3D perspective and object placements, it may not be so easy.

Draw the lines in LayOut and set the line style to a dashed style. I put guidelines in on the center lines of the screw components in SketchUp so I can trace them in LO. When I’m finished, I delete the guides.

If you want to draw these in SU, install an extension – Construction Line – which allows you to right-click on a line(s) and convert it to a construction line (dashed). You won’t have the ability to adjust the line style as in LO, though.

Guidelines or construction lines as dashed lines are problematic in SketchUp. They are volatile. That is, if you hit Edit>Delete Guides, they are gone. Also, they don’t show in LayOut if you render in Vector. Best option is really to create the dashed lines as LayOut drawing entities.