Dashed line options in SU


How can I make a decent Dashed Line in Sketchup?
I would like to add these lines to windows and doors in my model, to show the rotation etc.
Can’t find it.


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Dashed lines don’t exist in SketchUp.
There are thin dashed Guides of infinite length.

You can draw them in with LayOut
There are plugins that draw Guides of finite length.
Also there are plugins that convert Edges to Guides and vice versa.

I made decent dashed, dashdot and symbol lines that can be stretched with the Scale tool as Dynamic Components.


Hi Anssi,

How did you do that?


Hi Joep

Here is an example of a dash line that can form an arc

DC lines.skp (145.6 KB)

to be to scale while arc=0, line. There is a hidden block on the left end

taking inspiration from Anssi, I will figure out a window opening, etc
if you post ideas what you want, I will give it a go

Maybe the “shift” freedraw 3d polyline could be used in the group? as it is thin


I offered this in a different post a few days ago as a potential remedy for drawing dashed lines.

Another way to achieve dashed lines is to

  1. draw the entity in solid line in the .skp file,
  2. draw perpendicular lines that intersect the previously drawn entity
  3. erase between the perpendicular lines to create the dashed effect. (also remove the perpendiculars as well)

I use this method to portray doorswings for example in SketchUp models. The technique translates very well in Layout for condocs also. You merely place the dashed doorswing on a specific layer that is turned on or off depending on the visibility desired.


could use VsDottedLine, see github.
Not found at Extension Warehouse, don’t know why.

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I have used Convert to Construction Line plugin by Clark Bremer. I can’t now find where I got it from - it doesn’t seem to be in either SketchUcation plugin store, or Extension Warehouse.

But there is what looks like an equivalent in the Extension Warehouse, by daiku:

And another in SketchUcation plugin store by Michaelv:

Clark and Daiku are the same dude, so yes, that’s the right one.

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You can also just draw a dash segment, copy it to the end of where you want the line to end, and divide then use “/#” to fill in the rest of the dashes. It works for straight lines or arcs.

Using the door image above as an example. Assume the door is 36" wide, with dash segments of 5". From the hinge, draw a 5" line toward plan-south. Copy the far end of that line (the end that isn’t touching the hinge) to a point 36" plan-south of the hinge. Type “/3”, enter. That will change the one copied line into three equally spaced lines. A similar process with arcs and “rotate” can be used to create the dashes for the path of the door swing.