Complex dotted lines

Anyone got a method of creating complex dotted lines for services ideally dash dots etc but with a combination of straight and curved source lines…please don’t say to do it in Layout I know I can but I need this in SketchUp so I can exchange data with other professionals and keep my 200 plus layers intact not the few I end up with in Layout. Creating a scene for each layer and each view does not seem like a usable work around either.

Think Trimble really needs to think through how folk use CAD with each other not just SU users.

I’m embarrassed to have to give unstructured data and undotted lines to others.

I use this great plugin from Syroezhkin VsDottedLine. It does a good job on straight lines but not great when it comes to curves. You can download it from here: Releases · syroezhkin/VsDottedLine · GitHub

yeh been using that also had a dalliance with DC lines but need to be able to get curves and straight line segments. Been chopping them up which is not good for the head or productivity.

Maybe someone will take up the challenge at the SU Basecamp thingy

Dotted lines in SU have been an issue for a long time. I imagine part of the problem is that lines are not lines in SU, they are edges. However, given that edges can either show or be hidden, it is not impossible to imagine some hybrid form of edge that is part hidden in order to give the impression of a dotted line. But I wouldn’t hold your breath. Dotted lines are only one of maybe a dozen or so “features” that have been regularly requested over a long time and yet not implemented. So developers must either have difficulty doing so or feel that it is not as valuable as posters on this forum think.

Or possibly there are many other things higher on the priority list for a small group of developers to work on. :wink:

There are several plugins/extension that create the appearance of dashed lines in SketchUp and they do it by dividing an edge into short segments and then hide alternate segments. As mentioned, it works well enough for straight lines but not so pretty for arcs and other curves due to the use a short straight segments.

With the option to export CAD files from LayOut, And LayOut’s ability to make smooth curves with dashed styles, I think the best looking dashed lines are still going to come out of LayOut

From a developer’s point of view, if I drawn a single line in sketchup, which has no faces associated with it, is this an edge or a line?

Interesting! I would posit that it is a putative edge. It is waiting for two more to make a surface.

It depends on the definition. For example a “line” in math implies an infinite straight line. So do you require the term “edge” to always be the edge of a face?

Using the definitions of the SketchUp developer API, a stray line is an Edge entity whose EdgeUse has zero Faces.


There is of course my own oldie:

It actually predates Layout and it has a tool which lets you change the ‘Style’ of selected edges [it works in 3d too], into a variety of widths, colors, dot/dash patterns etc…


Layering is perhaps more important than linetypes when giving plans to consultants.In our parts, when using my exports, they will override my colours and linetypes anyway as they want to show everything by the architect as greyed out.
Design coordination today goes largely through 3D IFC model files instead of 2-D drawings.

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