Dashed lines alternative idea

Continuing the discussion from Dashed line options in SU:

Are there further simple suggestions for creating dashed lines in sketchup? I would prefer to do all of the drawing in sketchup and minimize the use of layout to setting up views/scenes and creating notes on sheets.

This is a concept using a overlay mask positioned above a model or a group. It is created with crossing rectangles (with surfaces on layer hidden, alternatively could use hide command). This could be a dashed scene similar to Michael Brightman’s concept for different scenes for heavy and light objects (in his book Sketchup workflow for Architecture) and overlaying scenes in Layout to achieve the desired result.

Perhaps a different mesh configuration would allow curved lines to display more realistically?

Let’s hope Sketch up 2017 has line types!

-Dashed Line mask.skp (136.6 KB)