Dashed Line Type

When will there be a Dashed Line Type that transitions clearly and simply into Layout. I see everyone had tricks to make dashed lines. However I don’t see one that fast and easy. Please help Sketchup!

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LayOut has its own dashed linetypes. A Sketchup workaround is to create a repeating dynamic component.


Would you provide a reference example of this workaround, if possible?

Here’s a rudimentary dashed line. You use the Scale tool to change its length and there are some parameters in the Component Options dialog to change the scaling
dashedline.skp (17.1 KB)
Of course using this kind of workaround is more awkward than if linetypes were a native feature.


I agree wholeheartedly, but until the ability to create dashed lines becomes a native feature in SU I will be happy to make use of workarounds such as this. This solution is useful and thanks for your response. Here is one that I developed a while ago to use where a door swing is desired.

dashed_door.skp (905.6 KB)

Excuse the thread bump, but I seriously don’t understand how Sketchup can not have a dashed line/line type option?! This would make the program so much more versatile & while I understand that there are workarounds & plugins, they’re all quite fiddly, time consuming &/or impractical… I feel like this feature wouldn’t take much for Sketchup/Google to integrate into the program properly, but would add so much in the way of functionality!!

Mainly because the developers see it as a 3D modelling application and not as a drawing program. Edges are seen only as things needed around faces. Dashed edges are somewhat unnatural.


Sure, @Anssi, but the program has features such as section planes, 2D viewports (i.e parallel projections from ‘front’, ‘top’, etc.) which, when exported, would be usable as drawings if there was a way to change line weights & styles in the program. After all, if you’ve gone to the effort of making a detailed 3d model, what’s the point in going & making your project all over again in another program just to get the 2D drawings of it?!
By choosing to ignore such feature requests, they’re making Sketchup a far more limited & less versatile program. Judging by the number of people asking for such features here and elsewhere online, there is a real demand for it!! It was very well explained by the OP in this post, including a few examples of when it would be helpful to have it:

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The other way, is to select the line and right Click Divide. Move the cursor, until you have the number of segments you want. Choose an odd number, then erase every other line segment = hidden line (where the first and last segment are dashes, and alternates with "blanks in between). Then you can make it a component or group (as mentioned in this thread), and use the scale function to change it’s length. This way, the spacing and lines are equal.