How to draw a dashed or hidden line in Sketchup pro?

I’m drawing some sheet metal fabrications and can’t find a way to draw a simple dashed or hidden line? Help


There isn’t a native way to draw dashed lines in SketchUp. Hidden lines can be shown by turning on Back Edges. Best bet is to add the dashed and hidden lines in LayOut.

TIg’s 2D Tools converts lines in SU to various CAD-eqsue line styles with just a couple clicks:

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There are a few extensions that do this. I think TIG’s is the one I use and it is very easy. BUT. You do have to understand its limitations. For starters, it only permits dashed lines and no other fancy linestyles. It doesn’t allow different thicknesses or colours, all of which you can do in Layout. Most importantly, once converted it cannot be converted back or edited and what looks like a single line is in fact a series of many short lines all grouped together.

Lots of requests have been made for linestyles in SU. I believe the reason put forward for why the pleas have been ignored is that in SU a line is not a line. It is an edge (even when on its own away from a surface). Gaps in the line would make forming a surface impossible. Whether it is truly beyond the wit of man to represent an edge in different ways, I don’t know, but at any rate it is not (yet) available.

It’s worth noting that TIG’s 2D Tools replaces edges with strings of small rectangles simulating dashed lines. They don’t behave as edges, however. Each “dashed line” is a group.