Dashed lines (ghost lines)

How do I draw dashed lines in a mechanical drawing showing dashed lines in a side view when the drawing detail is shown in solid lines in the front view .
Thanks, Leonardus.

I do that sort of thing by using stacked viewports in LayOut. Here’s an example from a recent woodworking plan. Two viewports stacked: each on its own layer. Top one is shown with Hidden Line style.

Second viewport on the next layer down. Style set to Wireframe and the tag for the component is given a dashed style and set to a thinner Line Scale.

With both viewports shown it looks like this.

Another quick example. I didn’t spend any time on this one but it should give you the idea.

Note: A benefit of this method is that since it uses the geometry in the model, if you need to edit the model to make a change, the hidden lines will updated with the model. In my first example I did need to edit the model to change the width of the mortises for the Dominos. I also had to edit their location on the block. This was a quick and easy edit of the component in the model and then an automatic update in LayOut showed the changes to the hidden geometry as well as the non-hidden details and the dimensions.

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Dave’s is graphically the best solution.

But you can get a similar but not so polished or customisable effect in SU if you use a plug-in to draw construction lines (dashed lines).

There’s one that converts a normal edge to a construction line, and another that can draw them directly, optionally with a construction point at each end.

Not at my computer at the moment to check exact names of these plugins. But search Extension Warehouse and/or SketchUcation plug-in store for “construction line”.

You probably have all the answers you need. But in case you did not know, in SketchUp you can use a style that shows back edges. Hit “K” on your keyboard.