Losing Dashed Lines From Sketchup to Layout

When I make a building model in Sketchup, I make the upper cabinets to have dashed lines. When I do a section cut for the floor plan the upper cabinets show as a solid line when the plan view is sent to layout. Is there a way other than just outlining the bottom of the upper cabinets in sketchup so it shows up correctly in layout? See a simple example below.

The solid line is a Section Cut Line. It isn’t actual geometry so won’t be shown with dashes. You can create a group at slice to get real geometry, tag the group and give the tag a dashed style. Then edit the style and make the section cut line thin and light in color so it doesn’t show.

Can you share your LO file? There may be another option.

That’s what if figured. Below is a pic from layout. My solution was to draw a dashed outline on the bottom of the upper cabinets, place that on a different layer than the upper cabinets, then shut off the upper cabinet layer when sending the floor plan to layout. I will try to put the upper cabinet outline and the upper cabinet in the same group but on different layers so when I change the size of the upper cabinets hopefully the dashed outline will change with it…

Or…you could do the crazy and try stacked viewports.

Base and Talls and appliances in one viewport and the uppers in a second viewport above it.
Create a new style that is all dashed lines and apply it to the upper viewport and turn the background transparent.

Allows you to not have to be tricky in the modeling. Just model what is. Tag it properly. Create the scenes. Each viewport only has the tags visible that you need. Apply the styles in the Sketchup Panel and you’re done.

The basic idea about stacked viewports:

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Thanks Anssi, I think the method I described earlier will work o.k. I was just trying to find a method that didn’t require manipulating more than one object in sketchup to get my desired results in layout.

Could be done without manipulating anything in SketchUp. Using a group from slice that is tagged will make it simple. I guess you’ve got something that will work for you so I’ll stand down.

Dave, Im not sure I have seen this method of “group from slice” you mention.

I understand that action of “group from slice” but Im not clear on where you put that group. Do you leave it right where it is in the model and tag it so you can have it visible only on a plan view?

Yes.It needs its own tag if you want to control its visibility and style in the SketchUp viewports.

Thanks Dave, I’ll give that a try. I know it’s a meanal issue, but I’m always on the lookout to save some time.