Exploded viewport won't render dashed lines correctly

When I insert a solid lined rectangle drawing (in this case, a property line) from Sketchup into Layout, set the viewport to vector, I have a problem after exploding the viewport to customize the lines. When I change the solid lines to dashed lines, each line in the rectangle has a different dashed quality. Changing the line weight or dash style does not help. Tried restarting, new document, etc. nothing helps. My goal is to use the drawn property line from Sketchup and modify it in Layout. Any suggestions?

Thank you all ahead of time.

How about sharing the LO file so we can see what you’ve got?

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2019 as indicated in your profile?

Sorry no, I’m using Layout 201 (I will update). Here’s the file. The shape on the left is the Sketchup model inserted, the one on the right is the same…after changing to vector, then exploding, then changing line style.



I don’t see a file.

New here, how do I upload a file??

If it’s not too large, drag it and drop it into a reply. If it is too large, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

dashed lines problem.layout (8.1 MB)

There are several problems with the property line edges in the SketchUp file. When you open the group for editing and drag a selection window around the edges, Entity Info shows only 3 entities, not the four one would expect. The other is that the edges are tagged differently. Edges should not be tagged at all. I fixed the incorrect tagging and replaced the geometry with a new rectangle. ALL edges and faces in the model should be created and remain untagged. ONLY groups and components should get tags. I replaced the outlines with a new rectangle. Then it worked just fine.

FWIW there’s really no need to explode the viewport to be able to create the dashes. Give the property line group a tag and with the viewport selected in LayOut, give the tag a dash style.

On the right is my replacement of your exploded viewport after repairiing the model. On the left is the viewport, still connected to model but with the SP_Property tag given a dashes style.

With the method on the left, you still maintain the dynamic link from the SketchUp model so if you need to edit the property lines, the change will automatically be displayed in LO. Here I’m made a simple edit to the shape of the property lines.

FWIW you could do something like the following, then, with a single viewport.

I followed your instructions and was successful in correcting the problem, thank you very much. But i got a bit lost on your further remarks about not needing to explode viewport. Yes, the property line group has its own tag in sketchup, but when viewed in a Layout viewport, I cannot modify the lines, other than to change the line weight. What am I doing wrong?

First, make sure the edges in the group are untagged.

Watch this:

Experiment with the Line Scale settings for the tag compared to the Line Scale for the viewport.

Amazing! I didn’t know that Layout has that amount of flexibility. Your tips are incredibly helpful.

thanks so much,


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If you give some through to it, you’ll see that this adds quite a bit of power. You can probably get by with a single plan view scene for a bunch of different views since you can choose to show or not show specific tags in LO. The same scene might be b used in 2 or more viewports.

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Yes, with this change to SU & LO, there is no need to explode any of the viewports, since all the line types can be edited in both. Although, in theory, things like property lines, setbacks and easements don’t typically change during project development so exploding is just an extra step with no benefit or detriment since the changes to SU & LO.

While I like the flexibility of line editing a Sketchup tag in Layout, it still requires an extra step in sketchup to create a dedicated tag… other than decluttering the scene tabs, I haven’t yet discovered any other advantages.

Thank you Nick and Dave R. for paying attention to this thread.

So you don’t separate things like property lines and easements on separate tags? I think the ability to edit the SU tags was a huge improvement and not just related to editing line types. For my details it is perfect when a single detail model can create multiple individual details simply with a single scene and tag management in LO.

I am a huge proponent of minimizing the tag structure in SU, so don’t get me wrong. However some things need to be on their own tag for many reasons.

That statement makes me feel like you are ignoring a lot of the available capability via the dymanic link between SketchUp and LayOut.

I think you are right. Still learning how to take advantage of these new features.