Hidden line visibility in Layout


I’m needing to see hidden lines for a particular drawinf in Layout. Does anyone know if it’s possible to see hidden lnes in Layout?

I have saved a view in SU with hidden lines, but it’s not coming through in SU, even when I switch to both Hybrid and Vector viewing modes…

What sort of hidden lines are you wanting to see? Can you share at least some screenshots to show us what you want to achieve? I’m sure it’s possible.

Here is a screenshot from inside SU. It is a view mode, not objects that have been allocated dashed lines to them.

Hope this helps.

OK. This looks like a good application for stacked viewports, slective tag visibility and possibly a couple of different styles. I gather you want to show outside walls as dashed lines? Is that correct? Are the roofs tagged separately from the walls?

Are you saying that all the dashed line work I want to see in Layout has to be done inside SU first by assigning them as separate tagged layers instead of just using the style manager to get what I need?

For the moment, I do not have the roof and walls etc on separate layers (tags).

Well, I don’t give dash styles to tags in SketchUp. I save that for LayOut. It would be cleaner if the roofs were give tags separately from the walls but you could still do it without.

In LO create two layers for viewports. Place a copy of the viewport on each layer. (Set up the first one on the lower layer in the list with the scale and location on the sheet as needed. Copy it and paste it to the next layer up. For the viewport on the top layer, set the style to Hidden Line and render as Vector. For the lower layer set the style to Wireframe, give the tag(s) an appropriate dash style, and also render as Vector.

I must be doing something wrong. I have done what you mentioned, but the hidden lines never show up. Despite setting the style itself inside Layout to hidden lines as well… Curious.

Did you see my private message?

Here’s an example from a document I made.

Lowest layer in Xray and with a dashed style assigned to the tag. Rendered as Vector. In this case it’s showing internal features of the part.

Next layer up with Hidden Line but no dashes, also rendered with Vector.

Both viewports displayed at the same time.

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Yes, as I showed in my reply. Now there’s no need for two different scenes, though. Same scene for both viewports.