Styles in layout missing


Ello all. I have an odd issue. In sketchup pro 2013, my styles, as in styles you can apply to the model such as simple, dry erase, etc etc, work just fine and i have many of them. However, in layout, this is my first time running layout, i go under the sketchup model dialog box, click the styles tab and the only one listed is simple. It does not list any other styles or folders that contain said style options. How do i import them or find them?



Which styles do you have in your SketchUp model (“in model styles”)? If you want more styles, you have to add them (use them or add them manually).


ahh i see. I finally figured out how it works. I was just clicking the “in model” styles and it listed just one style, but once i clicked the button under that called styles, it loaded all the ones from sketchup.

Onto my second issue. I have dimensioned a model in layout. I tried selecting all and copying it, once i pasted it, the dimms were completely off. For example, the length of this table is 48", i copied and pasted and then became 8.6xx", but if i delete the dimm and redo it, its 48" so something happens that messes it all up.



When you paste the dimensions they are showing as paper space dimensions. This was a problem in earlier versions of LO but in LO2015 it was fixed.

Three options come to mind for you.

  1. Redo the dimensions or don’t bother to copy them in the first place.
  2. Explode the dimensions before copying them. Then when they are pasted, they won’t change to paper space dimensions.
  3. Upgrade to SU/LO2015 Pro.