Layout Styles missing

Hi all and thanks in advance. I’ve opened up my model in Layout from Sketchup and when I go into styles they are completely missing.

I’ve tried re-installing but to no avail. I need it sorting for work!! Can I download a plug-in or something?

What happens if you click on the house icon? How did you add the SketchUp file to your LayOut project?

Generally it’s not a good idea to select the style for a viewport using the panel you show. this damages the link between the scene in SketchUp and the viewport in LayOut. If you need to change the style for the viewport, it is advisable to change it in the scene in SketchUp and update the scene. Then save and update the reference in LayOut. Don’t do anything in LayOut that makes the scene show as modified in the View window of the SketchUp Model panel.