Style choices in Layout limited to basic SketchUp styles

Just uploaded a new SketchUp file into Layout and for some reason, rather than dozens of Layout styles to choose from, the Model Window and the right-click styles list are both limited to the basic styles available in SketchUp. Have not had this problem before and so far can’t figure it out.
Appreciate some advice.

Ad the collection to your favorites to make them avaiable in LO.

You can only choose from the “In Model” styles which are saved with the SketchUp model.

In the past with Layout, a newly loaded SketchUp model has a score or more styles available that are not in the original Sketchup file. With my most recent upload that is not the case.
I can workaround by loading an older SketchUp file and eye-dropping a style from it into the problem model. Both my applications are the 2015 pro vintage. Here are pictures. Would like to know how to avoid this. Tried “Adding Collection” in SketchUp and no select window opened. Thanks for suggestions.

Hi Barbara, thanks. Is there an online source for Style Folders? Something you can download?
I seem to be spinning my wheels.
Thanks, Don

Well hey, I found some, thanks