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Hi, I have an odd problem, that when I am placing a viewport into my layout document, I have no styles to choose from.

I have just installed the programme onto a new laptop, and it was working fine on my old laptop.

I use it to create a mix of things for presentations, so need sketchy edges, wireframe etc. Just don’t know where they have gone or if I need to install any in style builder?


The styles are in SketchUp, not LayOut. You should be able to select a style via the Styles section in the SketchUp Model inspector window when you have a viewport selected.

Are you using SketchUp/LayOut 2019 as indicated in your profile?

Style Builder is a stand alone program for making your own sketchy styles. It has nothing to do directly with either SketchUp or LayOut.

Hey Dave! You can still change the Style settings chosen originally in SketchUp, in LayOut though if you select the viewport, then go to the Style window/tray in LayOut, then select the dropdown ‘Assorted Styles’ and then relevant folder and subsequent individual Style. Right?! Or do I need to go lie down?!


Hi Anita,

In LayOut you can select styles from the Assorted collection or others including your own custom style collections. Those styles don’t have to be resident in the In Model styles for the Sketchup model you are referencing. This shows a few of my custom style collections being accessed in the SketchUp Model panel.
Screenshot - 9_7_2020 , 5_36_22 PM

You can’t edit those styles from LO, however, so if you need to change a style from its normal settings, you could either add it to the SketchUp model and edit it (remembering to update it) or you could edit and update it and then save it out to a collection.

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Ok, got it! I do like the improved update function in LayOut - it’s a great timesaver and the new line weights/styles in LayOut too. I had wondered why ‘tags’ came into play in one of the previous updates and with the most recent release, it all made sense.

I see one of your folders is my namesake! :heart_eyes:

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I wondered if you’d notice that. :wink:

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How are you keeping? We must grab a chat and virtual coffee!

Keeping well and we should chat sometime.

FWIW, I now only use my default working/template style in SketchUp models that are destined for LayOut and I have a set of styles that I use for the viewports based on what I need to show and how. This keeps the model file size down and makes the workflow easier.

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I tend to do everything I need in SketchUp Style-wise and then send to LayOut to add on the final touches like the border/title block, annotations and dimensions etc. I do very little styling in LayOut. Maybe I need to look into that more.

I still do all that document stuff-page borders, dimension, labels, title blocks, etc. in LO. The styles are selected for the viewports in LO, too. That allows me to do cool stuff like use the same SU scene for stacked viewports with different styles for each one. That way I can show some parts of the model with dashes or in wireframe or with textures. Loads of flexibility that way.

I might need to talk to you about that particular workflow in more detail, to ensure I’m understanding the benefits properly. I mean, I only realised today that you could replace a group with a component without having to use a plugin anymore! Love that ‘weld’ is also a native tool now too. You taught me all about the joys of welding, Dave! Remember?!

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Hi Both, even when I go into the viewport I only have 1 available style to choose from. It’s annoying as I don’t really want to change my workflow, and I’m not getting a big list of styles come up. I can’t even get hidden line or wireframe, let alone styles with pencil sketchy edges etc.

Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the house icon. You should be able to select the different styles you have available in SU.

Hi Dave,

Yep, when I select that, there are none showing. That’s where they normally are. Hence why I wondering if there is a group of styles that can be downloaded?

Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 10.01.39

Try reinstalling SketchUp.

Thanks Dave, That worked!!!

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Hi Dave,
I have a folder with several woodworking styles I keep in a location:
/Users/username1/SU FILES/local styles/woodworking on a MAC. This is the path I set up in SketchUp preferences to locate my styles. When I go to Layout and the SketchUp Models -styles window it doesnt find this folder with my woodworking styles. If I place the woodworking folder into the path below, I can access the styles using the LO SketchUp Models -styles window.
/Users/username1/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Styles/woodworking

Is there anyway LO can locate styles that are not located under ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Styles ?


Currently I believe LO will only look in the default location for styles. Is there some reason you don’t use that location?

I had set this alternate directory structure so I’m not under ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/ which is tied to a particular release of SU. When a new release is introduced I just set the SU file preferences to /Users/username1/SU FILES. Same structure with folders for materials, components and templates.

Understood. I prefer to use the default locations. Then when I go to a new version I just copy components, materials, styles and templates all at once.