Open sketchup detail



I have this view in layout. When I open sketchup, it shows the whole model. Could anyone tell how to find this view in sketchup. Thank you.

There should be a scene in SketchUp associated with the viewport in LayOut. Look at the SketchUp Model panel in LayOut to find out which one it is. Keep in mind the viewport’s borders may be cropping the view compared to what you see in SketchUp.

When I open the skethup model in laoyout, it doesn’t have a sense.

Do you mean “scene”?

There should be a scene if it was done correctly. If not, you’ll have to hunt around but be careful when you save the SketchUp file. It could change the viewport in LayOut if the viewport isn’t linked to a scene.

It sounds to me as if you really need to take some time to go through the instructional materials at to get a better handle on using both SketchUp and LayOut.

Sorry, it is scene. I didn’t find it either in layout or sketchup.

Upload the LayOut file. Your words are confusing.

Project.layout (3.3 MB)

Please find the file attached.

Since there is no scene, you’ll have to orbit around the SketchUp model to find the part of it you’re interested in. Who made the LayOut file? It’s too bad they didn’t bother to create scenes because they’ve made it difficult to work on going forward.

Who uses 1:22 as scale for anything?

Note that everything will be balled up if you reset the camera since it will go back to the last saved SketchUp view.

It was made by previous designer. I just new to the job. I will definitely take some online courses to enhance my skill when I’m free.