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New to the forum, thanks for your help. I have a probably simple question, even though I’m a longtime SU user, I’ve never really understood styles very well.

To try to learn, I’m looking at some files done by other more experienced users. One thing I can’t tell is which style I’m in when I open the file? When I change to another, the style is highlighted (with a black box), but that doesn’t seem to be the case with it when I open it. I understand that I can look in the edit tab and see what the settings are, but there is a big list of styles, many of which seem really similar, and I’d rather not have to go through all them to figure out which is the one being used.

I guess a second question is if anyone knows of great tutorials on making great looking SU styles (not just how to) for professional architecture, I’d really appreciate it. I’m interested in both ones to make pure SU output look great (or maybe with Photoshop post=-processing), and/or ones about developing a model for a pro renderer.



The current style will be displayed at the top of the Styles window. I just opened a file and it shows my default style at the top.

I’ve never seen any tutorials like that. I think an awful lot of it is subjective so it’s hard to say exactly. I’ve made a lot of styles for SketchUp. Some are better than others. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll probably need to do some post processing to make the really great images from your model. You should look at Alex Hogrefe’s stuff.


Thanks for the helpful reply.

I guess I knew that the current one is displayed at the top. But what if you try out other ones and want to get back to that original style? How would you know which one it is in the list? Or what if you hit a different style accidentally? I noticed that the styles have a name, so looked at that next, but ran into some other problems.

The “name” for this style is “architectural design style 1”. But if I click on that, it looks different (just a little different, sky color and such). The only one that matches exactly, as far as I can tell, is called “default style”. Does this just mean the style has not been updated?



If that’s a problem, create a scene that includes the style. Then, when you click on the scene tab, you’ll return to the style as it was. This is a good idea if you are experimenting with different styles or editing the existing one.

Possibly. If the style has been edited, you should see circular arrows on the large thumbnail.

There is no native “architectural design style 1” which would lead me to believe that someone edited the native one and gave it a new name by appending ‘1’ to it.


Thanks for all your help!


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