Keeping style names when adding styles

I’m interested to know how to retain the style names when adding them to a model?
I can add the styles, but pre-saved style names revert to the (modified) detail name?

Back info;
We are using SU Pro among 4-5 designer in a studio.
We want to use the same styles within a studio template.
The styles we want to use are saved on our server with usefully descriptive names.
We are using 2018.

I’ve read the Sketchup the ‘how to’ import shared styles etc, but don’t know if its something I’m doing wrong?
Here is a screen shot of the folder on our server with pre-saved names.
Untitled 01

And here is how they look when imported…
(edit - can only post one image, will try and add in next post)

Any advice happily received.

Since I haven’t seen your second shot, I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing but if those styles are going to be used by all two options come to mind. The first is to make a folder for those styles that resides locally on each user’s computer. Generally this is better that a single directory out on a server.

Another option would be load those styles into the default template instead of keeping them in an external location.

Untitled 02

Did you update the last three styles , when renaming them?
What’s with the blank spaces before them?
Did you install SketchUp correctly? (Rightclicked on the installer file and chose ‘run as Administrator’)


@ DaveR - I am trying to add them to a default template that we can all use.
I might take your advice and recommend everyone copies the style templates out of the server location and keeps local copies, its a work around but not a bad one if it works! Thanks.

@ MikeWayzovski - I didn’t update the last three styles as far as I know. The blanks are where I edited the screen grab & removed our company name before uploading.
I’ve fairly sure we installed Sketchup correctly but will double check.

I have another theory that might work - bit of user error, if it works I’ll post for closure.

SketchUp tends to prefer locally saved files. Keeping the company template local would allow the users to open immediately to that template and if the styles are included, they’ll show in the In Model styles collection. I would also distribute the style collection for them to add as a favorite.

Good luck.

The renaming thing shouldn’t be happening unless someone is changing the name perhaps after an edit? Make sure things like sections are set correctly so the user doesn’t need to change whether or not section planes are displayed, for example. That’s a style setting. If you have sections planes set to be displayed but the user doesn’t want to show those, it’ll force them to update the style or create a new one.

Ok, I managed to get this working as I wanted it.
Thanks for the above replies - all help much appreciated.

We are a group of about 4-5 designers working in a design studio.
We collated our styles adding them to a designated place on our server.
With the idea of setting up a default template for all to use.

I opened up the preliminary template I intended to edit.
I then dragged and dropped the presaved styles from our server into the styles window in Sketchup.
As mentioned above, the names would then be auto changed in Sketchup.

To correct this, select the style > rename within the Styles window.
Untitled 01
Next, click ‘Create new Style’

This effectively adds the same style with a different name/ corrected name.
Right click on the newly added style > save as (back to the server)
Then delete the original, wrongly named style within Sketchup.

Then save as Sketchup file as new template.
This template now seems to work well with each localized user.

I’m sure there are other/ better ways of doing this, but this worked for us.
I tried using the ‘Open or create a collection’
And ‘Save collection’/ ‘Add collection’ but I couldn’t add styles without the style names being altered automatically.

A renamed Style retains its original name in its internal data.
A newly made Style has a name and matching internal data.
If you rename a Style, and then save it to an external collection, then that new external Style should retain its new-name and that new-name should also be reflected in its internal data.
Now you have a Style using the new-name and matching internal data, which can be added into a model, which can then be saved as a Template…

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