Rename an existing style, keeps reverting to previous name

Maybe it’s just late at night and I’ve been drafting for too long… I have a bunch of custom styles all named at the time of creation, now I can’t seam to rename anything. The name keeps reverting to the old one as soon as I click anywhere outside the title box in the styles window. Thought I would create a new style as a copy just to check but despite entering a new title before creating new the new style comes out with the old name which is uneditable. I have clearly been able to do this before but i’m stuck. Maybe some sleep is needed…

Are the styles you’re trying to rename in the In Model styles?

You have to click on the style preview so the circular arrow thingy disappears for the changes to be saved to the style. This part of the UI isn’t super intuitive.

Thanks for the replies fellas, I was on too little sleep and too much coffee trying to meet a deadline. I’m talking about my own frequently used styles I have saved in a custom folder. Say I have one I named Sarah 2 years ago and now I want the same style to be named Molly in the same folder, just curious at this point why it’s not easy. I can’t get a new name to stick no matter how many times I update the circle arrows, maybe I’m missing something.

You need to be in model tab. Have the secondary pane open with the folder too.

Edit the in model name, update with changes, then drag the style into the secondary pane showing the original style in the folder.

Understood, that would be a pathway to making a duplicate of an existing style which I could give a different name, save, and then move into my target folder, then I could erase the older style and keep the new one with a new name. This is the process I have been using to “rename” a saved custom style, just feels like a cumbersome process for a simple rename. Why not just allow me to type in a name on an existing style in any folder and push return?

Because that won’t edit the files inside the style package. the displayed name is in a couple of XML file within that package. Basically, as with components and materials, they can’t be edited unless they are in the current model.

OK I get it. Thanks for the breakdown, at least I know I’m not crazy, or only a little crazy. Wish I had known I was naming these styles forever when I made them, I would have taken more care to organize them better.

While I’m in the organizing mood here… is there a way to alter the displayed order of the styles in a saved folder, they seem randomly organized and resistant to dragging to reorder. Thanks.

Well… :smiley:

You can change them but you have to use something to access the XML files so they can be edited. You can rename each .style file to .zip and edit the XML files. Save the changes and rename the ZIP back to .style. Or you can take the easy route and do it in Sketchup.

And as with things like creating components and general modeling, using some forethought goes a long way to making the whole process easier.

Look at their file names in the folder where they are stored. They get loaded in alphabetical order.

Well that’s something, by adding numbers to the front of all the file names in the actual folder I was able to force the UI to display the styles in a preferred order within sketchup. Those name changes are not reflected in the style names within sketchup, as expected. Thanks for the tip!

I’m not sure if the technicalities, but I think if it as a kind of barrier that protects your saved styles. If you have a specifically setup style and “mess it up” in model, you always have the original to go back to.

That’s my thought anyhow.

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