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So, a really simple question, but it’s 4pm and I’ve spent most of the day trying to find an answer.

I want to create my own style, so I Make a Copy of a Standard Style. Sketchup gives it a name like “Shaded with Textures2”. For the life of me, I can not rename this. I’ve tried Save As, created my own folder etc etc etc. It still says “Shaded with Textures2”

Please help me!

Where are you copying the style? Where are you trying to rename it?

You should make the adjustments to the “Standard Style” in the In Model styles library including typing a new name. Then click on Create New Style on the right side of the Styles window. If you want to save that style, open the secondary pane and set it to the desired library. then drag the new style from the In Model pane down to the destination library.

I created a copy, then made the adjustments, then did Save As. I’ll try what you said.

This is really confusing me!

I managed to finally create a copy with the correct name, after three more attempts. On the last attempt I pressed Enter before selecting create new Style.

Now, when I drag it to the ‘Styles’ folder I created, (of which there are three copies for some reason???), it then defaulted back to the “blah blah1” name, in that folder.

This seems unbeilevbaly complicated and confusing. The modelling part is easy. Tring to copy a style is bloody ard

Hmmm… You seem to be missing a step because it isn’t that hard.

I just went through the process I describe and it worked just fine for me.

Just select the field that says the name, delete the text and write your new name.

I figured it was the step after “Typing a New Name” You have to press Enter on the Keyboard. Then it worked.

Managed to figure out the Desired Library bit, it was showing thr wrong library, but why has it created 3 copies of MY Styles library when I pull down the list?

I did that, but you have to press Enter afterwards.

That seems to work then.

I didn’t press Enter after typing the new style name. I just clicked on Create New Style and the new style with the new name appeared in the In Model library.

The “Desired Library” would be the Default library or maybe a custom library you created.

The style shows up three times in In Model because you’ve created three new styles.

As you can see, it’s isting "Styles 3 Times. This is the Styles folder I created.

So you have three folders called Styles. Not three styles called Styles.

I only created one folder on my Mac, called ‘Styles’. I’ve since renamed this to ‘MDS Styes’

When I was trying to sort the renaming out, I did reload my ‘Styles’ folder three times.

I’ve also now loaded my "MDS Styles’ folder, so now I have 3 ‘Styles’ and 1 ‘MDS Styles’ at the bottom of that window.

And, I apologise as the whole reason for doing this is, I’ve lost my copy on my Windows PC as it decided to tale a trip down the stairs, so I’ve had to reinstall on my Mac.

The name shows up multiple times because you keep adding it into list. Select one of the
Styles folders fro the list, open the Details menu and choose Remove from Favorites. repeat until all the “Styles” libraries are gone.

Thank you. Sorted. You have been very patient with me. Thank you.

I was always to trying to approach it from the;

Copy Style, Edit, then Save As, which seemed logical to me.

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I just want to make it clear to you that these are “Favorites” (ie, links) that are all 3 pointing at the same folder. Or, more specifically, each share the same URL, which would be invalid if you changed the name of the folder manually.

These “Favorite” links here and in other resource panels of SketchUp, are just like saving “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” in your browser to websites or folders (either local or network.)

Yeah, I get that and that makes sense. It’s now listed ‘MDS Styles’ which is the correct one. I’ve removed the other ones/references.

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