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I’m having the same problem. Question seemed pretty clear to me. First, Sketchup has a default “style” when starting the program. After applying a style, there is no obvious way to return to the default style to continue editing the model. It’s that simple. The solution above was not available on my model. The default was not shown anywhere and I couldn’t return to it.

As with previsous question, I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. However, it is not obvious.

What version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system? What graphics card? You put ‘1’ as the answer to those question in your forum profile. Bogus information doesn’t help us help you.

I’m sure it is obvious but without knowing what version of SketchUp and what operating system, it’s difficult for us to help you.

I’m using the basic Internet version.

In the “solution” the responder referenced something called a Normal Default Style. Apparently, nothing like this exists. The default, at least in my version, is called Architectural Design Style. When responding to questions, it would be great if responders were precise about the language used. Referencing something that does not exist is not helpful. I spent a lot of time looking for the style referenced in the solution – time much better spent in my shop building projects. I do agree that Normal Default Style would have been very obvious. Thamk you.

What a joke, you can’t even fill in your profile and you complain about the rest of us.

OK. So correct your forum profile. You are also not using the Studio Plan.

I moved your thread to the correct category.

The default style I was referring to was in the I Model styles. There’s also a Default styles collection. I did not say anything about a style called Default.

I am very precise when I respond to others. In that thread I was referring to the Styles in the desktop version of SketchUp. It would help if you paid attention to the version of SketchUp the question is related to.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what kind of graphics card I have. I also don’t know anything about which operating system I have. This is a company computer & my boss just required me to subscribe to an internet version of Sketchup and that’s all I know about that.

If I can gather that information, I’d be happy to update the information. However, I cannot see where this information could be changed on the Community website.

Thank you.

So based on this information, you’re using the wrong version. You should not be using the basic web version for commercial work.

Too often people use the, ‘my boss’ etc so how can I know. Graphic card perhaps, even sketchup version but OS, Operating System?
You have two options at the basic level.
Windows or Mac
Usually if you don’t know which you can turn to your workmate, nearest and dearest, cat, and mouth, with a sort of hand gesture that while universal is indescribable, win or mac!
If your significant other has left the room with the cats I’m afraid…very afraid

In the right side tools is Styles. In there, click the magnifier, and choose Default Styles. I think the style used for a new document is the Architectural Design Style.

It’s the fourth one on the second row.



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